Web Technology Specifics

… what we use, why we use it or why we don’t use something else

We are making every effort to insure that the NewRuins website can be viewed properly on all major browsers running on Macs, Windows and Linux computers.

The use of mobile devices and tablets are being tested but proper display on these devices cannot yet be guaranteed. In most cases there will not be any significant problems as we are running a dedicated “mobile theme” to display to users of smaller screen devices.

Adobe Flash is used on the NewRuins site to present various rich-media components. These Flash items will not display on iOS or many Android devices which do not support the Flash plug-in. Some of our media pieces were developed for the original version of the NewRuins website at a time when Flash was considered ubiquitous. Obviously time and change occurs rather quickly on the web and it has not yet been possible to return to some of these media pieces and re-build them to the current HTML5 standard.

I am a Mac developer and love the iOS devices. Rest assured that as time permits, these devices will be fully supported!


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