Our Privacy Policy

Our commitment to all visitors is very straight forward. NewRuins and our parent company NightShade Media, Inc. will never rent, lease, sell or in any way provide member information to any third party, period!

We could write a lengthy section with legalese but there’s nothing to hide in any fine print.

We do need to point out that NewRuins or NightShade Media, Inc. cannot be held responsible for software glitches of any kind, be they on our server or our member’s devices. We promise to maintain vigilance and stay current with security measures on our server to every extent possible.

Personal and payment information for product sales from the NewRuins site is never stored on our server and is submitted directly to our payment processors.

Also, please be advised that the content of any posts or comments made by our members is at their sole discretion. If you choose to disclose private information in a public post, there is nothing we can do about that. However our system will NOT disclose full names or email addresses to other visitors.


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