NewRuins Future Projects & Development

The version of the NewRuins site you are viewing now is rather new. The original version was developed between 2001 and 2004… a long time ago in “web years”! And there was researched content that did not make it onto the old site pending the need to develop a better presentation system.

Therefore the immediate goal is to complete the current site by adding as much of the previously researched materials that relate to our current NewRuins “projects” as possible. During this process, developing better compatibility for mobile devices is also in progress.

Beyond the above completion and improvements, I am looking forward to new prospects for the NewRuins. New projects (locations) are under consideration that are not yet fully developed but preliminary research is ongoing.

Also, and perhaps most interesting, is the hope of enabling the NewRuins site to accept submission of projects by NewRuins members! In the current model under consideration, a basic project template would be developed that would allow a member to fill in simple forms and upload images.

You feedback is certainly welcome on all of these topics. Please use the form below to let me know your thoughts and ideas!


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