Welcome to NewRuins

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…an American History Project by NightShade Media, Inc.

Our individual projects seek to acquire personal history and historic images through research and interaction with this website. We welcome stories, digital copies of old photographs or documents, general information and insider knowledge from our visitors. If you have family history or professional connections that relates to any our projects, we hope you will contribute to our research.

The NewRuins project was started in 2001 and had to be sidelined in 2004 due–not to lack of interest by the developer or site visitors–but by simple business requirements. The Internet is measured in “dog years” so the design of the original NewRuins site became old even though the content is somewhat timeless. Therefore, as time permits, the original NewRuins content is being re-posted within a more contemporary environment along with new material.

If you are interested in how the NewRuins project came to be, please visit the About page. To learn more about what the NewRuins project hopes to accomplish please visit the Mission Statement page.


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