About NewRuins?

NewRuins is an American history project, an expression of the inherent beauty of ruins, and a vehicle for looking back to the stories found within the ruins of our short but vibrant past.

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Mission Statement

NewRuins is an evolving concept where aesthetics, history and stories combine to form a multi-layered presentation of selected locations.

Privacy Policy

We value our visitor’s privacy and our policy is simple — we never sell, rent or provide visitor information to any third party … period.

WebTech Details

The design and implementation of the NewRuins website is intended to provide a rich internet experience for as many visitors as possible but there are limits and requirements. Please review this section for specifics about technology, functionality and the design approach used in the presentation of NewRuins content via the Internet.

Future Projects

We always have new projects that are under consideration and we also value our visitor’s opinions and interests.


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