The Good Shepherd on Deer Island

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Some time ago, back in perhaps 2004, I was contacted by a few people via the NewRuins contact form, who were working on Robert DiNiro’s production of the movie “The Good Shepherd” which was ultimately to include an all-star cast of Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Alex Baldwin, and Robert De Niro among others. This film […]

A Man with a Sledge Hammer and a Wheelbarrow

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My grandfather Abe was an old-world business man who could look into your soul by the strength of a handshake and base important decisions upon what he found there. Like many of his generation he did not have the benefit of a complete education. As the only male remaining in the family when his father […]

White Birch Diner

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The interstate highway system changed the United States in many ways. As soon as any particular stretch of highway was completed the impact was immediate and irreversible. Small towns, diners, motels, farm stands and gas stations that sat beside the former two-lane roads through the countryside lost their patrons. The owners lost their way of […]

Loyalty and Longevity

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In February of 1893 a young man named Clarence E. Kinne began working for the Bagley and Sewall Company as a mechanical draftsman. In August of 1938 Mr. Kinne became the President of the company and later retired in 1940. His tenure with the one company he virtually devoted his life’s work to spanned 46 […]

Welcome to NewRuins

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…an American History Project by NightShade Media, Inc. Our individual projects seek to acquire personal history and historic images through research and interaction with this website. We welcome stories, digital copies of old photographs or documents, general information and insider knowledge from our visitors. If you have family history or professional connections that relates to […]