NewRuins Projects Summary

NewRuins is pleased to present the following descriptions of the historic sites currently researched and available in our main menu. You will need to become a member, either Guest or Supporting, to view our content. The summary information is available to give you a quick overview of the various NewRuins projects.

Bagley & Sewall

The Bagley & Sewall Company of Watertown, New York began its life as a machine shop run by George Goulding in the mid-1800’s. It was in business through several name changes and different owners until 1970 making a wide range of machinery, in particular paper making machines that were shipped around the world. Some are still in use today.

Deer Island

A beautiful 50 acre island in the Thousand Islands region of the St. Lawrence River in New York. This one one of the first islands purchased for summertime recreational purposes and a number of unique structures were build through turn of the century. Used as a summer retreat by the secretive Skull and Bones society of Yale this island has fascinating ruins and an intriguing history.

Future Projects

We may give a few clues to what we are investigating and perhaps ask for member input. We definitely are always looking for suggestions of prospective project candidates and provide ways to discuss them in this section.


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