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Wolseley Items from Autolit on Amazon

The Leaders in ORIGINAL Automobile, Truck and Motorcycle Literature!
  • Bedford K-Type

    Chase Scene – Bedford K-Type

  • DCS Foyle's Car Interior

    1938 Wolseley 14/60 – DCS Foyle’s Car Interior

bus-bedford-4  foyles-car-3      bus-bedford-5  truck-barrels-chase      staff-car-humber      tractor-1  truck-barrels      motorcycle-triumph-1      sam-looking-car      gmc-truck      bus-bedford-2    foyles-car-4      taxi-cab-1      foyles-car-2      foyles-car-1      willys-jeep      paddy-wagon-police-car      bus-bedford-3  fire-truck-1      green-jaguar
1944 Bedford OWB


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